Surtex Promo Video

Posted by on Mar 24, 2014 in Blog

I made a little promo video for Surtex! It was so fun making my pattern come to life!

Come see me at Surtex! NYC · 18-20 May 2014 · Booth 250!

Rosie Simons Surtex 2014 Booth 250

Images copyright Rosie Simons 2014

2 months til Surtex!

Posted by on Mar 18, 2014 in Blog

Today marks 2 months until Surtex!

I’ve been busy creating lots of new work I’m super proud of, creating promo pieces, drawing up lists of dream clients and projects and people I’d like to meet at the show. I’m keeping lots of my new designs under wraps for the show but below are some sneak peeks at new designs and I will share some new pieces in the next few weeks!

Rosie Simons Tulipa

Rosie Simons Anchors FabricImages copyright Rosie Simons 2014


Still here!

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Sorry it’s been so quiet around here lately folks! I’ve been working, working, working away on commissioned projects and designs for Surtex, so today I thought I’d give you a quick update on what I’ve been up to lately. Including promo postcards for Surtex, lots of drawing, invites for my Granny’s 90th Birthday Tea Party, inspiring pattern & colour combos and an exciting new waffle maker! I’ll be back soon with an update on my Surtex progress.

rosiesimons_surtex_postcardsrosiesimons_calendar_deskshot rosiesimons_colourinspiration rosiesimons_drawing_sunlight rosiesimons_seawhite_drawing_supplies_newpens rosiesimons_teaparty_invite rosiesimons_waffles

Images copyright Rosie Simons 2013

Sochi 2014

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I don’t know about you but I love the Winter Olympics!

I have been particularly fascinated by the branding this year with the patchwork design they have created. I then discovered this article about how the design had come together.


Their goal was to represent a diverse range of emotions and feelings, connecting concepts and represent Russia’s rich diversity. In the end they settled on something familiar, warm and welcoming: the patchwork quilt. I love the images below where they show the inspiration for each piece of their patchwork!

patchwork-Sochi-2014-01-600x408 patchwork-Sochi-2014-03-600x408 patchwork-Sochi-2014-02-600x408 patchwork-Sochi-2014-04-600x408 patchwork-Sochi-2014-05-600x408patchwork-Sochi-2014-06-600x408 patchwork-Sochi-2014-07-600x408

Read more about the creation by Bosco here.


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Welcome to the new look home of Rosie Simons Graphic & Surface Design!

Rosie Simons Welcome

Our new website now incorporates our blog, as well as showing off designs, products and making it easier to connect with Rosie. Please take some time to look around the site and at the new designs in Rosie’s portfolio! Plus, don’t forget to add our new blog location to your blog reader!

Pattern Find – Betty & Walter

Posted by on Feb 11, 2014 in Blog

Sometimes my passion for pattern can be difficult to live with, I’ll spot an amazing pattern on a dress across the street or a handbag in a supermarket but never know who made it or where it came from. The latter happened the other day, I spotted an amazing handbag but I didn’t want to interrupt the lady doing her shopping to ask where it was from. Then by chance a picture came up on Instagram and it was a small purse in the same print, at last I found out who made it! I was overjoyed to finally find out!

It turns out the bag is made by Betty & Walter, a lifestyle brand with patterns by Lisa Levis, seen below!
Isn’t it gorgeous?! The pattern is called Sgt. Pepper, a 60’s inspired print, with a bold colourful floral blooms. There are other products in the pattern shown below, only problem is now I want them all!